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Polo is a Noble Sport

The Hawaii International Polo Association was founded in 2013 to celebrate the history of polo in Hawai'i, which dates back to 1880. The association honors King David Kalakaua and his vision of a modern 19th-century Hawai'i with the contemporary international community of his time.

The association sustains Hawaiian history through the lens of polo and aims to rejuvenate Hawaii’s equine and polo traditions. Its initiatives grow the sport of polo by providing work and polo sport development avenues for Native Hawaiians.

HIPA Supports Polo and Local Hawaiians by:

Developing equine retirement facilities for polo ponies staffed by Native Hawaiians

Supporting Hawai'i youth through horsemanship programs

Supporting world-class polo IN Hawai'i

Supporting world-class polo OUTSIDE of Hawai'i

Supporting breeding and training horse operations

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