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  • Adam Ragsdale

Hawaii’s Influence on Chris Dawson and Polo

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Chris Dawson, a serial entrepreneur and proud Native Hawaiian, believes the spirit of his homeland has infused his accomplishments in polo. The owner and CEO has not only competed with the greatest polo players of the world, but also supports other Native Hawaiians as he reimagines the sport. According to CEO, it’s an honor, privilege and responsibility to represent Hawaii in his dealings across the globe, and his mission is to do it authentically.

Around the age of three, Chris first discovered the magic of horses. He immediately fell in love, and his adoration for the animals stuck with him his entire life. His relationship with horses is in the fabric of his DNA. Chris’ mother Beadie – a powerful attorney who's dedicated her life to helping Native Hawaiians – comes from a family of paniolo: Hawaiian cowboys.

Their family history is rooted in horses, cowboys and ranching, and Beadie was determined to expose this lifestyle to her son at an early age. The upbringing took hold of Chris, and it continued to guide him throughout his youth. Call it kismet that he discovered polo at San Diego University, where he also competed on the surf team, representing the skills he acquired in Hawaii. Later on, Chris began his polo journey at Honolulu Polo Club, unaware that his distant uncle was the president.

The influence of his Hawaiian roots reverberates through his every decision. The love he has for the land is planted in his DNA. With his homeland in mind, Chris fights to better the lives of Hawaiian communities – of which he’s a proud member.


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