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  • Adam Ragsdale

The Development of HPL’s Relationship with Prensa Polo

Chris Dawson is teaming up with Prensa Polo – a fantastic media company that covers all levels of the sport. The organization is comprised of digital platforms and a content production company, making high-quality material that’s specifically tailored to HPL’s mission. The company has worked with teams, organizations, players and brands.

Prensa Polo and Hawaii Polo Life are building on an already strong foundation, dedicated to the spirit of Hawaii and polo. Their team is constantly expanding, and has built a presence not only in America, but also Europe and Asia. It has a longstanding track record, and supports major brands in the industry.

The people at Prensa Polo are proud to welcome us into their journey. “In Hawaii Polo Life we have found an organization in which support, the generation of alliances and the family are very important pillars,” they shared. “This has facilitated our work and our way of being creative in each project together with them, constantly striving to create content that is relaxed, but at the same time eccentric [and] different.”

In January, Prensa Polo filmed a documentary of Chris, detailing his passion for polo. In the film, the Hawaiian entrepreneur shared insight into his relationship with Adolfo and Poroto Cambiaso, two powerful players who continue to break records in the sport.

The media company was thrilled to hear Chris’ mission, and be a vehicle for our stories. From the beginning of this relationship, Prensa Polo could see the energy Chris embodies, whether he’s riding a horse or riding a wave.

Click here to view Chris’ documentary.


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